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Wavelet analysis Vulgarisation Fractured aquifers Tomography Flowmeter SF6 Membrane potential Upscaling Permeability Sap flow Heterogeneity Wave propagation Hydrogeology Crystalline aquifer Noble gases Géologie EARTHS MAGNETIC-FIELD Heterogeneous media CORE Equivalent mass transfer models Mixing Land use Hydrogeophysics Groundwater age Environmental tracers Catchment hydrology Seismic attenuation SECULAR VARIATION IMPULSE Geothermal energy Connectivity Diffusion Mortar method Porous media Groundwater quality Finite volume DEEP MANTLE Sciences de la Terre Groundwater resources CFCs Corsica Milieux fracturés Borehole velocity CST Information scientifique et technique Fractured network Fractured rock Culture Solute transport Polyploidy Paléontologie Image processing Groundwater residence time Acoustic properties Reactive transport Continuous Time Random Walks Hydrothermal system Hydrology Hydrothermal systems SIGNALS Electrical properties Education Nitrate Simulated annealing Groundwater Heterogeneous aquifers Guadeloupe Transit times Inverse problem ELECTRICAL-CONDUCTIVITY Hydrogéologie Electrical tomography Connectivité Controllability Transport processes Mont Terri Underground Rock Laboratory Science Fracture Radioactive waste storage RNA-Seq IST Inter-catchment comparison Electrokinetic effects Fractured media Hard-rock aquifers Electric potential Residence time distribution Chloridoideae Bibliométrie Denitrification Inverse theory Dispersion Residence time Culture scientifique et technique Fluid deformation Positive linear systems Temperature Fractures Zone critique Multiple scattering Wavelet transform